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We are Right Click Studio

A multidisciplinary studio focused on creating good design.

3D Modelling & Rendering

Product Visualisation, CAD Modelling, Realistic Illustration, 3D Rendering, Product Photography

User Interface & Graphic Design

Brand Identity, Marketing Collateral, Information Architecture, Visual Interface, Usability Design

Animation & Motion Graphics

Storyboard, 2D/3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Production, Post-production, Visual Effects

Web Design & Interactive Presentations

Websites, Microsites, Emailers, Interactive Prototypes

Our Works

What we love doing



    Cinematic trailer for the launch of Razer's Star Wars: The Old Republic gaming peripherals.

  • Electrolux Washer


    Photorealistic renderings for the latest range of Electrolux washers.

  • Motion


    Corporate website design for a creative agency.

  • EatSnake!

    Right Click Studio

    EatSnake is a classic "catch the drops" mobile game available on AppStore and Google Play.

  • Electrolux Fridge


    Photorealistic renderings for the latest range of Electrolux refrigerators.

  • C4 Amplify

    Alpha Omega Creatives

    Product animation of a portable mini-speaker.

  • Drums Series

    Studio Juju

    Photorealistic renderings of wooden storage containers.

  • Absolut Sophie

    Sokkuan Tye

    CAD modelling of limited edition collectible for small quantity production.

  • Exhibition Leaflet


    Exhibition leaflet design for a universal remote controller.

  • Tron Peripherals


    Cinematic trailer for the launch of Razer's Tron gaming peripherals.

  • 1AG

    First Agriculture Holdings

    Corporate website design for an agricultural investment firm.

  • Aerators System


    Instructional product animation of a disc aerator system.

  • Switchblade


    Interactive touch-screen demo for Razer in CES 2011.

  • User Interface Design


    Screen layouts, icons, UI elements for desktop and mobile applications.

  • Deathstalker


    Cinematic teaser for Razer's gaming keyboard.

  • Fung Ding Hung

    Fung Ding Hung Restaurant

    Website design for a restaurant serving healthy chinese cuisine.

  • C4 Interactive

    Alpha Omega Creatives

    Interactive presentation to showcase the range of C4 mini-speakers.

  • Nextofkin Creatives

    Nextofkin Creatives

    Website design for a creative agency.

  • Electrolux Sensor Dryer


    Product animation for a dryer.

  • Universal Remote


    Concept design of a universal remote controller.

  • Xero Animation


    An upbeat animation that introduces the features of Xero Cloud Accounting solution.

  • Yuko Sangyo

    Yuko Sangyo

    Corporate website design for trading company.

  • Myos Clinic Corporate Branding

    Myos Clinic

    Corporate branding for a sports clinic.

  • Event Stage Design

    Stage backdrop design for a birthday event.

  • Durian Lingers

    Durian Lingers

    E-commerce website design for a fruits company.

  • Hybrid Plumbing System


    Instructional product animation of a plumbing system.

  • Moss Piccadilly

    Moss Audio

    Filming and video production documenting the manufacturing process of a speaker.

  • Electrolux Stainwand


    Product animation for an electronic stain-remover.

  • Ouroboros


    Cinematic trailer for the launch of Razer's gaming mouse.

  • Story Tic-Tac-Toe Lite

    Writers At Work

    An educational app for an enrichment centre.

  • Rehau Energy Solutions


    A showcase of energy efficient Rehau products installed in the Indira Paryavaran Bhawan.

  • Gold Kili Advertisement

    Gold Kili

    A lively animation with catchy jingle to promote Gold Kili coffee.

  • Gold Kili CNY 2015

    Gold Kili

    A Chinese New Year animated short in conjunction with Gold Kili 30th anniversary celebration.

  • Rehau Roller Shutter Range


    A showcase of the design potential of tambour doors as space-saving solutions.

  • Chip Lee Website

    Chip Lee Timbers

    Official website for a timber company.

  • Sin Joo Lee Website

    Sin Joo Lee Timbers

    Official website for a timber import/export company.

  • REHAU KM08R Portable Edgebanding


    Filming and video production to showcase portable edgebanding tools.

  • Durian Lingers Magazine Ad

    Durian Lingers

    Advertisement Poster and comic strip for a fruits company.

  • JBS Website

    JBS International College

    Official website for a culinary college.

  • Pendulumic Tach T1 Headphone

    Pendulumic Tach T1 Headphone


    Filming and video production to showcase a wireless headphone.

  • Knowledge Learning Studio Website

    KLS Website

    Knowledge Learning Studio

    Official website for an enrichment/tuition center.

  • Gold Kili Ginger Man Mascot Animation

    Ginger Man Animation

    Gold Kili

    Character Design and animation of Gold Kili’s Ginger Man Mascot.

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Tay Wee Kang

Design Director

Tay Wee Kang

Wee Kang is an industrial designer who spends too much time perfecting 3D surfaces no one notices, mulling over the spilled coffee and re-doing perfect 3D surfaces.

Napon Kongkaew

Creative Director

Napon Kongkaew

Na is an interface and graphics designer who holds a lifetime membership to the Gadget Addict Society. He buys shiny gadgets religiously and fervently believes that it is all for the greater good of innovation.

Tan Chek Thong

Motion Director

Tan Chek Thong

Chek Thong (Lao Chek), is a full-time motion graphic designer and part-time vegetarian. In his spare time, he enjoys movies, dramas, comics, sports, gaming, design, photography, fashion, air jordan, gadgets...

Law Kim Chuan

UX/Web Director

Law Kim Chuan

KC is an interactive/web designer who is also a front-end web developer, educator, painter, husband and father. Sometimes, it seems like he is too many things.

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